Sunday, September 9, 2012

3D manipulation

This is my master project. to make a 3D manipulation of an instrumentation component. after this need to embed this 3D model into flash. so can be viewed in mobile phone. haa macam tu la..nk explain byk2 cam x perlu kot. lain la kalau ade yg berminat nk tanye kan..hehehe
this is created using electricrain as 3D engine, however to make it lite usually i draw a 3D using away3Dlite.

banyak lagi kene buat before embedding..especially template kene ensure dah link n boleh display test kat phone..tu je la mukadimah nyee....

Mobile courseware - 2D Flash

also done while internship. this is a 2D animation mostly done using shadow and layering. quite a hard work. but its satisfying.

all done using flash.

Courseware - Flash Intro

this is an intro part of a learning outcome in a multimedia courseware. develop using flash. programming language actionscript 1.0. this is my project during internship at UTeM Solution SB..

during my master programme, i dealt so much with adobe flash in developing mobile application for augmented reality. and extra programming on 3D modelling...and also android SDK. tired...

Phamplet | brochure Design for school program

 fully used photoshop.

Wedding Card - Thank you Tag

design wedding card. using photoshop. map is design using illustrator.

thank you tag was printed on sticker paper and emboss.

Wedding Banner - doodle theme

 design 1
 design 2
design 3

all doodle is hand-draw. then edited into illustrator.

nice isnt it?
love it.

Invitation Card - Wedding

Color theme as requested by the bride.

tag for doorgift. 

simple yet cute. design card using  photoshop. design tag using illustrator.

Business Card - Salon

just play with font. i managed to complete this in 30minutes. simple.

Invitation card - akikah

1st girl akikah

ni design nak baby pink. kertas kad dia nk cream yellow. guna photoshop & illustrator.

peta guna illustrator senang sket.

CD DVD cover - side work

 this is my previous year job. to design 2 CD cover. it was just a little business. 
i like doing this kind of work especially when i get stuck with my master.. 
also to get some money.
 just for assignment. not commercial product. so please dont sue me. haha.
 design using photoshop. fully photoshop. 
easy task.

Paperbag design

using gradient effect. embossed. this is  the first design. the latest one i will update later. hehe. design using adobe photoshop. erm..may be need to refurnished the selection of color tone...kan?

till then. bye2..

Frozen Food Packaging

 my previous task to design a logo and frozen food packaging. this design is limited according to clients budget. design using illustrator.

provide logo design for client.

1 color molding for food packaging. 

web bi-anually updates

if you check on my previous post, i managed this web for almost 3 years..just to update information and design. and alhamdulillah Dr.shida was a very pleasant and easy-handled client...

visit her website at

i welcome your comment about this website for future improvement. 
thank you for reading this :)