Saturday, April 11, 2009

Puzzle Game

It was a long time this blog not updated, sorry for that, its my exam weeks now, therefore need to revise last minutes.hehe so, this is my group project for a subject computer game development taught by Mr Ibrahim. we call it as a "Puzzle for fun!" and target user is between 7-10 (primary school students). 

This application is being develop using Adobe Flash CS3 with AS2.0. it is more simple to create since the picture we download in through the internet. we (group member and me) love this picture since it looks so sweet and attractive.

i'm sorry i dont know how to upload a flash file into a blogspot, if anyone knows, then later i will try to upload it so, you will be able to try the game application.

(Click for larger image)

thanx a lot for my group member, it was a great time to have team member like you. a big thumb up for:
  • Norfazana Muzi
  • Mazura Shareena Md Said
  • Illiani Ariffin

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sweet Wedding Picture - cont.

These are the other pieces for wedding picture. hmmp..macam ada sedikit kekurangan kan? can you spot? atau mungkin ianya saya yang tengah pening..haha..ok please enjoy k.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet Wedding Pictures

This is my "air tangan". it was my friend asking for my help. he is a photographer, but then got not enough time, so i take over on picture editing.. if you find out my work is bad or need improvement, please inform me. i will appreciated it so much..

&NotForgotten: Congratulation for Wan and Niza. May All the happiness be with you.